How to order

Artwork Submission: Initiate your bespoke chocolate creation by submitting your high-resolution artwork to Our dedicated team is excited to bring your designs to life, ensuring your chocolates become a true reflection of your brand.

Mold Fee Explanation: A $100 mold fee is applicable to cover the creation of a unique mold for your chocolates, guaranteeing an exclusive design aligned with your brand identity. Importantly, this is a one-time charge, and subsequent orders using the same design will not incur additional fees. Please note that if you request more than one chocolate size in a single order, an additional fee will be applied to cover the creation of multiple molds.

Shipping Information: For optimal quality during transit, we exclusively offer Two-Day Air shipping. When placing your order, please consider potential shipping delays that may occur beyond our control. Regrettably, we are unable to provide refunds for delays caused by shipping carriers.

At More Than Chocolate, we prioritize the delicate nature of our delectable treats, especially when shipping to regions with elevated temperatures. During specific times of the year, we take meticulous care in packing your orders, incorporating ice to preserve the exquisite design of your chosen Chocolate gift.

In consideration of varying temperatures across the country, we may choose not to ship over the weekend to some destinations. This decision is to prevent your package from sitting in a hot warehouse facility, as carriers typically do not deliver on weekends without additional fees. Depending on your delivery destination, expedited shipping may be necessary.

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