Product Information Compliance As a food product, it is mandatory that the information of the producer or seller is clearly marked on the packaging. At More Than Chocolate, we understand the importance of compliance while also meeting the needs of our distributors.

Custom Rebranding Solution For distributors opting for blind shipping, we offer a tailored rebranding service. We can replace our company's information on the packaging with a new sticker that displays your details as the distributor. This allows the end consumers to recognize you as the supplier, potentially enhancing your brand visibility and impact in the market.

Costs and Considerations Please be aware that rebranding involves additional costs. These costs cover the creation and application of the new stickers tailored to feature your branding. We refer to this service as "REBRANDING."


  • Increased Brand Exposure: Your information on the packaging serves as direct advertising to end consumers, potentially increasing your brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Customized Branding: Tailor the product presentation in a way that aligns with your brand identity and marketing goals




<Single Pack>

Rebranding Fee : $0.07 / piece

Our single pack products, used for pillow chocolates or chocolate business cards, include the manufacturer's information and nutritional content on the back seal of each product, and these are packaged in the box of 20 each.

For rebranding single pack, the back lid seal will be replaced with a generic design printed with 'Belgian Chocolate' only, and the required food information will be attached to the 20-pack box as a sticker. Of course, the supplier's information will be yours.

Rebranding the back lid seal itself is not feasible without a large order due to the complex manufacturing process of this food-grade lid seal. if you wish to replace the back lid seal with your information, it requires an order of over 80,000 units or an additional cost of $1,800.  It would be truly wonderful if 80,000 customers could see your information as supplier.



<Chocolate Ensembles>

Rebranding Fee : $ 0.38 / Box

For chocolate ensemble products, we will create and attach a custom sticker to the back of each chocolate ensemble box. This sticker will prominently display your information, ensuring that your brand is clearly associated with the product.



<Your Own Customized Box>

Order in bulk and we'll create boxes with your branding printed directly on them, with no additional rebranding fee. Minimum order quantities vary by product (e.g., 500 boxes for 16pcs). For details, contact us at