Can You temper chocolate via Sous Vide?

Can You temper chocolate via Sous Vide?

Water traditionally the enemy of melted chocolate. The smallest amount can make it seize, giving you grainy, ugly, chocolate—dry everything well before sealing!

Lets try Sous Vide Tempered Chocolate

Recipe Temp: 46.1 ºC.

Recipe Time: 00:20

Ingredients: for 8

500g Dark chocolate, chopped


Chop chocolate and seal, it into zip-close plastic back using water immersion method to create vacuum. Place chocolate into water bath and let sit there until it is fully melted, about 5 minutes.

Take chocolate out and gently squish it around in the bag. Put back into hot water. Reduce temperature setting to 27.2 ºC. Add ice until you reach the cooler temperature, adding a little at a time, then watching the effect so you don’t reduce the temperature too much. When water reaches 27.2ºC, increase setting on the Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 32.2ºC. the water should come up to temperature pretty quickly. Let chocolate stay at this temperature for 5 minutes, taking back out every minute and gently squishing contents around (this distributes the crystals that keep the chocolate from getting streaky).

After 5 minutes, remove the bag from the water. Dry bag completely, then snip the tiniest bit off the corner to use for piping or to empty into a bowl so you can dip things (strawberries?) into the chocolate.

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